Our Purpose



To be the main stakeholder and advocate for the resolution of labour market issues for Caribbean Employers’ as well as the co-ordinating body for the development of the “social responsibility” of enterprises in the Caribbean territories through their National Employers’ Organisation.




To advance the interests of National Employers’ Organisations through:

  • The development of sound Human Resources and Industrial Relations practices.
  • The preparations for the integration into the global economy as well as managing the process of hemispheric integration.
  • The development of social dialogue.




The objectives of the Confederation are according to the CEC’s Constitution and Rules:

  • To promote the interest of Employers’ in the Caribbean, in all matters with their workpeople and social partners.
  • To provide for consultation between Employers’ Organisations, to ascertain their views on matters of common concern and represent and communicate those views to any Government Body, organisation or association.
  • To co-operate with, or be a member of any Employers’ Organisation, national or international, whose objects are consistent with those of the Confederation and to assist in the formation of such organisation in the Caribbean or take part in establishing such like organisations in the Caribbean.
  • To promote and make available when required, existing and proposed legislation relevant to the activities of the Confederation.
  • To collect from all members and other appropriate sources, date relating to wage structures and conditions of employment and to collate and circulate data for the benefit of members of the Confederation.
  • To promote the insight of the social significance of entrepreneurship and the importance of enterprise production for the benefit of national welfare.