Launch of the Database of the Alliance for Decent Work for People with Disabilities

02 Jul

By: CEC Newsroom

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The Alliance for Decent Work for People with Disabilities (the “Alliance” for short) has launched its database on good employment opportunities for the press and selected invitees. The database, which was developed by Spang Makandra, was launched on Monday, June 17th at 11:00 AM at the Digital Talent Academy venue.

The database provides a digital platform for registering people with disabilities (PWDs), who are in need of work or wish to establish a small business. In addition, the database will function as a follow-up system and or monitoring tool for the performance of PWDs who are employed and or have a business. It will also serve as a matchmaking platform for unemployed people with disabilities and businesses/companies that are hiring.

The Alliance is a joint initiative between the Association of Surinamese Business (VSB) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Alliance aims to promote decent employment and entrepreneurship among PWDs in Suriname. The proclamation of the Alliance took place in February 2018. Other entities participating in the Alliance are the Ministries of Labour, Trade, Industry and Tourism, and Social Affairs; plus organizations working with or for People with Disabilities, namely Nationale Stichting voor Blinden en Slechtzienden in Suriname (NSBS), Stichting Wan Okasi, and Unu Pikin.